Coffee Tasting Like a Pro: Understanding Flavour Notes and Aromas

Coffee tasting, or cupping, is an art form that unlocks a deeper appreciation for our beloved brew. Much like wine, coffee comes with a spectrum of flavour notes and aromas, influenced by its origin, variety, and processing method. This blog will guide you through the basics of coffee tasting, helping you to savour your cup like a pro.

1. The Basics of Coffee Tasting

  • Coffee tasting involves assessing the aroma, flavour, acidity, body, and aftertaste of coffee. It's about paying attention to the subtle nuances that each cup offers.

2. Identifying Aromas

  • Aroma is the first indicator of a coffee's character. Common aromas include floral, fruity, nutty, chocolaty, and spicy. Try to identify these as you inhale the scent before sipping.

3. Understanding Flavour Notes

  • Flavours in coffee can range from citrusy and bright to rich and chocolaty. Some coffees might have a sweet, berry-like flavour, while others could offer a hint of caramel or spice.

4. Acidity and Body

  • Acidity refers to the bright, tangy quality of coffee and is often perceived as liveliness on the palate. Body, on the other hand, is the weight or thickness of coffee on your tongue – it can be light, medium, or full.

5. The Art of the Slurp

  • In professional coffee tasting, slurping is encouraged. It aerates the coffee and spreads it across your palate, allowing you to experience the full range of flavours and aromas.

6. Practice Makes Perfect

  • Develop your tasting skills by trying different types of coffee and paying attention to their unique characteristics. Keep notes on what you taste and refer back to them to see how your palate evolves.

Coffee tasting is a journey of discovery. Each cup of coffee tells a story of its origin, processing, and roasting. By understanding and appreciating these nuances, you elevate your coffee experience from a daily routine to a sensory adventure.

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